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Story About Love


When I tell you I love you, I am not saying it out of habit, I am reminding you that you are my life.

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018 | 7:03 AM | 0 panda

Then on February (I’m celebrating my birthday in hospital), I was not feeling well and I was missing in action to all of my friends and in school (that’s normal cause I wasn’t really always at school) But this time I was absent because I’m having an operation about my tonsil and my tooth that is inside my gum. I was in admitted for a month; I wasn’t in a good condition that time. When all of those operations are done and I can go home, my mum bought me a new phone (my old phone was missing if you were wondering and I don’t even care cause I don’t have any important person to look for) the first person I look for is my close friend, Puteri. She was so worried that I was missing in action suddenly and wasn’t in school too. When I had explained what had happen to me she was relieved.  
After all of those sick days, I was getting better and only the stitches at my upper gum can be seen but I’m fine, just wasn’t that active like I used to be that naughtiest one. As the day goes by, I was hanging around the place where I first meet this silly boy that I was so in love with. While hanging out with my friends, my eyes were searching for him silently but I didn’t see him anywhere. Where could he be? I missed him a lot and I cried silently without anyone noticing that I madly in love with him. Then, my friends suddenly want to hangout somewhere else. I’m with a heavy heart standing up and walk with them to another location when I know I’m not going to see him today.

Meanwhile, we arrived at the location called “taman mastika”. Me and my friends were all having so much fun laughing and gossiping. While we are having fun talking until I forgotten that I was thinking about him, Suddenly, I saw him riding his motorbike wandering around then he was looking toward us. He stopped, get off of his motorbike and come towards us and I was freaking out I was so blushed that I can't even talk. It was strange how I could fall in love to him when I know I wasn't that good looking and I was just only 15 years old how could he would fall in love with me when his age gap with me is 3 years. I’m still a kid to him, but I’m so in love with him. God please let me have him! I’m so crazy in love with him, god look his smiling I’m melting.  That’s me talking to myself when his there in front of my eyes.

“Hey, fiya.”  He said. Swear to god, I felt like fainting. Please say it again, I’m so in love with your voice please just talk again. Yup that’s me again talking to myself. Isn’t that silly for a girl like me to be madly in love with a person like this?

“Uhh-uh, hey” I said, to be honest I was speechless I felt like my tongue just froze and I can’t even move and talk. Damn, I was shivering like mad my heart was beating fast and I feel like I need oxygen. Help, I’m dying.

“Kau ada guitar dekat rumah kan? Nak pinjam boleh?” He said. I was like oh please have me, borrow me too. I would love to be in your arms. Damn is this me? I can’t believe I’m saying like this in my thoughts. But damn you’re so fine I felt like I want to bite you I want you please know that. Oh my god, I feel like I’m a psychopath.

“ha’ah ada, boleh. Esok ambil lah aku bawa esok” I said. Oh god please let this silly boy know that I’m into him and I want him so bad that I would die for him. I feel like screaming because he is in front of me. I’ve been hoping to see him just now and now his really in front of me. How I wish I could hug him and kiss him. Seriously, I want him in me I want him to be mine.

“Okey bingo, kau ada kakak saudara kan? Arinah Syahirah?” He said. I was shocked, how the hell that he knew my cousin? She’s my most beautiful cousin and also like a sister to me. We were so damn close. I was afraid that he would choose her besides of me. But I act cool and answer him.

“Mesti lah ada, haah kenapa?” I said. Damn please don’t break my heart by saying you’re choosing her over me. God please, his mine and I want him so bad.

“Kakak saudara kau lawa lah” He said. Oh fuck, I felt the pain in my heart but I smiled.

“Oh yeke? Couple lah dengan dia” I said. While hiding the jealousy of not being beautiful like her, despite I was just a kid. He would definitely not look at me and wanting me to be a part of his life.

“Memang nak cuba ayat pun, Tapi dia bercinta dengan Tariq abang Dang. Ok lah aku gerak dulu” He said and he went off with his motorbike. I smiled in my heart saying Thank god.

Next is I’m afraid he would want me to help him so that they can be together. Why am I so negative? If they are meant to be together what I could do just be happy for them. Then, I was looking at my friends face and I was giving a sign that I was afraid of something. She looks at me and maybe she gets what I’m afraid of but she keep quite. When we were all walking back home, they noticed that I was not happy because my face was in a worried look. Maybe it’s because of him. When I was walking home, I thought of calling my cousin and ask her about him I wanted to stalk him and see his fucking face and cry over him while saying why aren’t you mine. Damn again I’m just like a psychopath. She answered my call.

“Hello, yes baby?” She said. I was expecting her to say mean things like kau nak apa? But she’s in a good mood today. Hahaha.

“Akak, kenal tak buah? Orang panggil dia mcmtu. Adik taktahu la nama betul dia apa.” I asked and she’s laughing. What the hell is wrong with everyone? I’m being serious here and she just laughs?

“Kenal la kot, dia ada kawan dengan akak dekat Facebook. Ash xgunz tak silap nama Facebook dia. Kenapa adik?” She said. Again I’m out of my mind being crazeyh about him; I was running up the stairs to go home and on my Facebook and find his Facebook. I’m a psychopath, remember?

“Takde papelah, when are you coming to my house I got a lot of stories to tell you and I’m having a crush on someone.” I said. In my head is saying ahhh damn his so fine, I can’t wait for him to be mine since I still have the chance his looks like he doesn’t have a girlfriend and someday his going to be mine. Ok I’m totally a psychopath. hahaha 

“I’ll be there by tomorrow, well I guess I know who your crush is because you’re asking about him and I know it’s madly in love kind of crush” She said. Well my cousin knows me so well and that is also why I love her so much.


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