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Story About Love


When I tell you I love you, I am not saying it out of habit, I am reminding you that you are my life.

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018 | 7:04 AM | 0 panda

Next day, she came to my house. She was beyond excited to hear my stories and to know who my crush that I’m so in love with.  So our day just went with a lot of gossiping, stalking and giving tips on how to get him. Maybe some help? Haha ok I’m laughing. Then, She on her laptop and I saw him online his facebook and then pop up his name chatting my cousin with a “hi arinah” but she was too busy to reply because she’s chatting with her lover. Then he sends a chat again, my cousin called me because I was in front drinking water. So I came in my room running because I was excited too. She said “baby, your crush just chat me” (our conversation was private and she knows who my crush is if you are wondering what just happen) She replied his chat and they talked, I saw that he was into her but she wasn’t into him. She then stalked him just for me to see, we both saw a picture of him and a chinese girl. Well I’m assuming that’s his girlfriend, it really does make my heart torn into pieces. I’ve never felt this way, then my cousin said to me “fiyaaa,dia ada girlfriend lah buat apa nak kacau boyfriend orang sampai ada hati dengan boyfriend orang ni” gosh I didn’t know that but why is he trying to tackle my cousin? Is he insane? Again I’m talking to myself. “Safiah!” My cousin shouted at me because I was not paying attention, actually I’m thinking of something. “Yeee! Oh, takpalah kalau macam tu, aku takkan dapat dia lah ni , ala sedih betul macam ni” I said with a sad face and a heart broken. Then suddenly she stands up and says I know what to do. I was hoping that she will not try to do silly things, it’s just enough for me to fall in love with that silly boy ♥ at night, I was playing game on my facebook and she was sleeping. I saw him online; I don’t have the guts to talk to him nor chatting with him. Suddenly, his name pop up! OH MY GOD, ok again I’m going to be a psychopath. I felt like shouting but I try to control myself from being a psychopath.

“Tidur arhhh” he sent. I was thinking should I reply or shouldn’t? Well I’m ugly so ugly people replies fast because they will know that boys won’t fall in love with them. So fuck it just reply!

“tak mengantuk lah” I said. And he was typing. My heart race and I was shivering then his name pop up again, that shows that his replying to me, wow that’s impressive.

“Kau jangan macam macam arhh, kak kau mana?” he said. Alright, that really does makes me annoyed. I didn’t reply. I was pissed off because of what he said. It literally hurts my feelings, but wait! He doesn’t know that I like him so what? Just reply then.

“Tidur” I said then I offline because I was not in the mood to talk with him, I guess I’m feeling jealous. Also it hurts my feeling knowing that I’m nobody to him. Well I should also remember that I’m ugly and I won’t fall in love with my first love. Not all first love we can get right? Well I guess I can coop with that.



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