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Story About Love


When I tell you I love you, I am not saying it out of habit, I am reminding you that you are my life.

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018 | 7:05 AM | 0 panda

As the days goes by, my cousin went back to Singapore to finish her studies. Damn I miss her so bad I felt so lonely. I noticed that I wasn’t always outside; I’m always at home and wait in front of the computer using Facebook just hoping that he would pop up. But he didn’t show up, I was devastated that I couldn’t talk to him even for awhile. Wait, we are not together but why I felt this way?  Are we meant to be together someday? I was dying to know will he be mine someday. I was trying my best to get him to be mine; alright again I’m a psychopath.

Soon after, I waited and waited he was online. My cousin is also on the line, well I’m assuming they are chatting because when I talked to her, she’s saying “kejap, ada benda nak settle dulu” and I’m like okay… Then suddenly, he send me a chat saying “hi” my heart stops seeing his name pop up , because I was hoping that I could spend time talking even for awhile. He starts to be nice to me. Asking me many questions, wants to know more about me and asked about my guitar and so on. I was delightful to know that he is getting interested in me, suddenly. But it made my day somehow.

Soon, we have become much closer because we talked a lot for months, I felt like we are having a thing but not too soon maybe just as a friend. Then, I have the guts to ask his phone number. And yes, he gave his phone number and he says to text him when his offline. By then, we are getting closer, I guess. I don’t know what miracle that happen is it because of my cousin or god had answered my prayers. Not long after we are getting closer and knowing each other, I told him that I like him and I have feelings towards him by text. The way he replies is completely in shocked, I can tell because I notice the way he replies my texts. Suddenly, we are a thing. But he was just a big brother to me. Not as a lover.  But its okay, as long as his mine I’m happy. I get the chance to hold his hands, hangout with him and see his smile and see him playing football also joke around with him ♥.♥

Then, I started going to extra classes (tuisyen) because I’m going to sit for PMR examination soon, On a unlucky day I was been scolded in mathematics class because I couldn’t understand what he was teaching then I was crying because that dude shouted at me when the class had ended my friend brings me to uptown to look for my big brother, that is him. He saw me crying and he hugged me, and I felt like crying more and more because my crush hugged me when I’m sad. Damn my life is so blessed! Then suddenly my fucking ex boyfriend showed up and holds my hand. I saw the look of my silly boy’s face was shocked because he knows that I don’t have any boyfriend and his the only one taking good care of me. Then my silly boy just walk off, I knew by then that he is jealous. I was in a dilemma, my ex boyfriend is holding my hands and bringing me around uptown, my friend has gone following my silly boy and I’m all alone with my ex boyfriend. Then, I told my ex boyfriend I’m sorry I need to go. I quickly run to find my silly boy, when I come to him he was angry with me and we kind of quarrel because of my ex boyfriend. I told him what I’m supposed to tell. It’s like we are a lover the way we are quarreling Then I was crying because I don’t know what to do while holding his hands saying that I love you, please don’t leave me because of my ex boyfriend, I want only you. It’s kind of emotional because he said that he wants to let me go and let me go with my ex boyfriend, I was heartbroken. I gave up and follow what he wants. So me and my friend went back home because she saw me not in a good condition to be there. So we went home.



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